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Order your tickets now to experience a gentle Caribbean evening in style, which includes Aruba Sinatra Show by Fred de Jong (Transportation, Food, Drinks & Gratuities not included):

This show is for all ages (only limited spots available). Reservations are honored fifteen (15) minutes after start of the show and booked tickets are valid till the end of the show-time. Dinner is not included in package. In case you booked a ticket or made a reservation, you don’t need to make dinner reservations with the restaurant separately.

New! Aruba Sinatra collects silver coins!

Pay for your ticket (value $40) with any 1 troy ounce silver coin (value between $25 and $35) cash at the door!

Bring your silver coins to Aruba, and get a better price for your ticket!

"We go to the Aruba Sinatra Show every year with a big group and it is always the highlight of our trip! Fred greets us the minute we walk in and by the end of the night we are all up dancing to his fabulous tunes of Frank. Our favorite of course is New York! as we all join in a sing-a-long kick line with him!"
-Katie M
"My husband and I went to the Frank Sinatra dinner show during our honeymoon last week and this was our most enjoyable night on the island of Aruba! Not only was Fred very pleasant and welcoming before the show, but he also performed our special requests at the beginning of the show. 

We loved his interpretation of Sinatra's music and how he performed every song with such passion and love. He even performed one of our favorite songs twice and we got up and danced!! Lastly, he took pictures with us and sent them to our email and gave us a brochure for us to cherish! We would highly recommend seeing the show whenever you visit Aruba! It was the highlight of our trip, and we truly enjoyed it!"
-Ashlei N
"Frank Sinatra is alive and well in Aruba. This was a excellent one man show with music. There was dancing, people sang with Fred and it was a great evening. I highly recommend going."
-Tiger S
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